Improving The Students’ Ability of Ftte (Faculty of Teacher Training and Education/Fkip) Muhammadiyah University of Palembang to the Euclid Geometry Through Elaboration Study Model

Refi Elfira Yuliani

Lectuter of Muhammadiyah University of Palembang and  Student of  Magister Mathematic Education Sriwijaya University.

Email : rerezahra@yahoo.co.id


 Euclid Geometry is geometry which is based on axciomatic system (Susanto in Mulyati, 2000). Axciomatic system disscusses about geometry through theorimatical proofts that related to the characteristics of lines, angles, spaces, as special thing from a mathematic system which is more abstract. The proof is the center of mathematic and mathematical thought. Through proving assigment, the lecturer can see how the student’ ability in giving argumentation logically is, how the students is able to use example and counter example to support the argumentation, the weakness that the students have in thinking and misconception of what the students usually have. Conventionel study model is not able to increase the students’ ability in understanding the concept, procedure and principles the euclid geometry and constructs the mathematical thought, so in this research, elaboration study model was done. Elaboration study model is strategy of studying to organize in macro level learning. In this elaboration study model the student can understand the concept, procedure and principle easily and related among the the concept, procedure and those principle with others. The ability of students on Euclid Geometry is not limited on the conceptual case, procedure and principle, but also in the application level, concrete and meaningful. Based on the research result 95.18 % of students got the score of ³ 70. It can be concluded that the study by using the elaboration model can increase the students’ ability of FTTE (Faculty of Teacher Training and Education/FKIP) Muhammadiyah University of Palembang in 2007/2008 to the Euclid Geometry.


Key words : Euclid Geometry, Elaboration Study Model, Provement.


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